Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In my studio...

How is art made?... in the studio?... en plein air?... from a photo?... from your imagination?... on impulse?... or through long arduous hours of concentrated effort? The answer must be of course... any or all of the above, alone or in combination. That must be what makes it so fascinating to do. This 30" x 60" contemporary landscape is a work in progress from my Romancing the Landscape series. This is a commissioned piece that I am finishing for March delivery to Lubbock, TX. This piece was spontaneous in nature and almost entirely from my imagination. - Janis

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Portrait of Grace"

The Earth Angel's series continues to intrigue me as it constantly evolves. "Portrait of Grace" is the newest in the series and to date is the largest at 24" x 48". I loved the idea of the beautiful chair and the resting position that the angel takes. The chair seemed to bring the angel into a spiritual space where we can relate to her serenity, peace, and grace. -Janis

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Earth Angels Series

"Power Angel"

"Earth Angels"...a vibrantly spiritual series depicting angelic figures.

These are my visions of the miraculous beings who touch our lives where heaven and earth meet.

We actually know nothing of angels except that we are sometimes given brief, fleeting glimpses of their presence in our hearts.

What do angels look like...?
I imagine angels are much the way Sophy Burnham describes them in A Book of Angels. "Angels are remarkable for their warmth and light and all who see them speak in awe of their iridescent and refulgent light of brilliant colors, or else of the unbearable whiteness of their being." One is flooded with laughter and happiness in their presence.

What do angels do...? Over the ages people have referred to angels as messengers of God who rescue, give aid, and bless us with calm and serenity. They warn, guide, teach, and answer our prayers giving us hope. Perhaps the calm and peaceful serenity that generously descends over us on occasion is the presence of an angel. A spontaneous and complete hush that comes over a crowded room has often been referred to as an angel passing through.

"The Power of Love"

Granted, not everyone believes in angels. Some believe angels come to everyone, and others believe only a chosen few are visited by angels. Perhaps the real question is who will recognize them when they come?

"My hope is that "Earth Angels" will speak to you in a way that is meaningful bringing a peace to your heart that no one can take away." - j Loverin

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Abundance Series

"High Desert Haven"

May in the Hondo Valley the week of May 12-16 was cool, rainy, and lusciously green. I enjoyed a fabulous week painting with my colleagues from High Desert Painters, Jana Van Wyk and Ann Templeton. We painted at Ann's studio in the Hondo Valley...a serene setting in the valley on the river where everyday life seems to move at a desirably, slower pace.

"Afternoon in Pink"
The landscapes, and the still life shown here are a sample of my recent work in luscious, creamy oils. They are heavily textured, bright, colorful representations of the good life that we as New Mexicans are blessed to enjoy daily.

"Hondo River Rhythms"

The week's rains have produced spring greens that are very specific to this time of year, the water is much welcomed by the thirsty land, and streams,...and by all of us who have endured a lengthy dry spell...green is a very nice color indeed!